Increase sales and retain customers

A marketing newsletter is a proven, powerful tool for increasing sales and retaining customers. Executed properly and consistently, no other marketing tool delivers more "bang for the buck" than a company newsletter.

Marketing newsletters are so effective because they:

1) keep you in front of customers and prospects on a regular basis

2) position you as a trusted expert

Regular contact is critical

According to Forrester Research, 78 percent of customers are lost after six months of no contact. A marketing newsletter keeps you in front of customers and prospects on a regular basis – in a non-intrusive manner.

Opening doors to prospects

By continually providing useful information to prospects and clients, you position your company as a trusted expert – this makes it tough for others to compete with you.

Challenging to produce in-house

While marketing newsletters are an incredibly potent selling tool, who has the time or expertise to produce a custom newsletter on a regular basis? That's why smart companies outsource this vital function to an EXPERT at creating marketing newsletters – BluStandard.

An "easy button" for newsletter marketing

Our clients consider BluStandard the "easy button" for custom newsletter production. We can take your marketing newsletter from an initial idea to a professionally prepared piece. We can handle all the details, including having it mailed directly to your clients/prospects.

Remove the hassle of producing your newsletter

To learn how BluStandard can provide a turnkey, custom newsletter solution that takes all the hassle out of producing your marketing newsletter, click here contact us.